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The 200mm 95 gram floating stickbait can be worked in a multitude of ways, making it an extremely versatile lure for your tackle box. By holding the rod tip at a 45degree angle with a medium to fast retrieve, you can get the lure to "dart and skip" on the surface. By keeping the rod tip down and working a slower pause but longer pull, you can get this floating stickbait to dive and "zig-zag" under the surface.

The 230mm 135gram floating stickbait sits slightly tail down with the head up. This lure has a large presence in the water and creates a noticeable "zig-zag" motion on the surface. A great lure for targeting those big angry fish.

Our 250mm 155 gram floating stickbait, was custom made for JE WILDS as he wanted "something with a huge presence in the water". This 250mm lure moves a large amount of water out of its was as it "zig-zags" across the surface. Like we say, big lures for bigger fish.

Hook Size Recommendations

Our colourways are not restricted to any one size and we are open to creating custom painted lures.
*due to the nature of hand crafted and hand painted lures, colours and shape may vary from the images and from lure to lure