Big Boy Lures welcomes you.

A proudly South African, hand crafted, product reaching across the globe with the help of international shipping.

All lures are hand crafted using imported Red Grandis, a South American hardwood, to be able to with stand the demands of big fish hunting.

A wooden construction with a few pieces of lead to assist in casting, these lures are coated with a UV stable resin. Comprising of 1.6mm stainless steel through wire construction and a 310kg tested Lynx Power Swivel in the belly, these lures have proven themselves against the gruelling attacks of the infamous New Zealand Yellowtail Kingfish.

Big Boy Lures creates three size options to cover a host of fishing styles and accommodating various setups.

We are happy to say that we have a friendship with BKK-South Africa which allows our customers to choose to have the best quality hooks at an affordable cost.

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